Friday, June 29, 2007

A Plea to U2

Please dump the Mexico City videos for the Popmart DVD and replace them with Santiago. Or, since that's undoubtedly impossible by now, release a second Popmart DVD of Santiago. Enough of your loyal fans will buy it.

The Santiago show is close to the best U2 performance I've ever seen from any tour! I wish I could have seen it in person instead of the May 26, 1997, Washington DC show. If you were all the way back on the ground in the far left section of RFK stadium, soundboard squaks made understanding Bono impossible most of the time (meaning that you never heard him well enough to understand about the "tele" issues), and you couldn't make out the images on the tele when they were there at all. (There's a reason why far-back images of the tele on the professional Popmart videos are either taken from the right-hand side or the center. You simply could not make out what half of the images were from the left-hand side.)

In any case, I think we see almost Elevation tour-style joy from Bono in the Santiago show(s).

A Message for Orthodox Anglicans...

... who have lost hope in the renewal of the Episcopal Church, or other Christians (or anyone else, for that matter) who are discouraged. You may find the song "Born" by Over the Rhine comforting.

Here's the video of a tremendous live performance, and here's the lyrics.